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Open Sessions

Three times a week we run a gym in Bern. Everyone is welcome to train with us, meet like-minded people, to get inspired and benefit from each other.
The trainings are supervised, but not led and everyone is responsible for themselves.

Before each training the current training plan needs to be checked. Our training system works on an APP / WEB SOLUTION – here’s the link:

For general questions, contact us directly.

Normally the training takes place as follows

Mondays: 19h45 – 21h15
Thursdays: 19h30 – 21h00
Saturdays: 16h00 – 17h30

Please always check the current training plan via APP / WEB.


It may happen that the gym is occupied on special occasions … in these cases, the training is cancelled or postponed to Sunday. However, the attendees will be informed.
Also on certain holidays, trainings can be cancelled.
In the months of June, July and August, training is limited because of the weather; On warm and beautiful days spontaneous “outdoor sessions” are organized.
If no person in charge is present, the training will also be cancelled.


Kunstturnhalle EWB
Bürglenstrasse 73, 3006 Bern


Before the first training the training be sure to read the regulations, and join our community.

For questions, contact us directly.